Irgens Milwaukee

Irgens Partners’ Portfolio Shows Expert Property Management A Boon For Local Leaders

irgens partnersFinding the right property to meet your company’s needs is a crucial aspect of a successful business. There’s simply no substitute to conducting operations inside of a facility that meets daily needs and keeps staff, clients and customers happy. Irgens Partners, a leading commercial real estate development services firm that also offers property management assistance, knows that most companies are busy handling the day-to-day of their operations. As such, they may need help finding the right footprint for their facility. When you consult the real estate experts with Irgens Milwaukee, Chicago or Phoenix, you’re receiving high-level insight and accountability that delivers results in the commercial and healthcare sectors. If you’re interested in Wisconsin real estate and are thinking about finding a building to meet the specific needs of your company, then continue reading to see how this trusted real estate resource can help you locate and develop the perfect property. Similarly, local leaders who have a responsibility of approving smart infrastructure improvements have no need to worry when Irgens takes on a project in their hometown.


A look at past Irgens case studies gives a good picture of what this company can help clients make sense of. A prime example of what Irgens Partners can do can be found at 210 East Earll Drive in Phoenix, Arizona. What was once the former southwest headquarters for the IRS had been sitting vacant for two years before Irgens Partners came along and purchased it for $6.5 million. The building spanned six stories across 158,000 square feet and boasted a five-story parking garage that had been built in 1992. When Irgens took over the property in September 2011, the leadership team devised a refurbishment plan that would have the building back up to meeting market standards. When Cable One caught word of the ongoing project, they entered into a deal that would eventually culminate with the sale of the structure for $12 million. Not only did Irgens Partners help to facilitate finding a new tenant for the property the owned, but having such a sprawling structure back on the tax rolls after going into default exemplifies how this company helps the community. This is but one example of the good that this real estate development firm does for the municipalities where it owns properties. A vacant building helps no one and Irgens only goes after projects that it knows will hold a profitable future; the company’s current portfolio is proof-positive of this.


While Irgens Milwaukee was founded in 1983, a milestone was reached in 1995 when the company logged the competition of $100 million in development projects. As of early 2018, the ongoing construction of the 25-story BMO office tower is the flagship effort of Irgens. Construction of the property, which is on schedule to be completed in late 2019, will carry a price tag of more than $132 million and serve as another example of what expert property management can offer cities that trust decades of combined industry experience.