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Irgens Partners Can Offer Insight Into Changing Landscape Of Milwaukee Real Estate Sector

Irgens PartnersSome say that a rising tide lifts all ships. If you’re of that mindset, then the recent update that Milwaukee-area home sales are on the rise — 21,357 in 2017 — is good news. It’s especially good news for those in the commercial real estate sector, as an industry perk in one place can eventually help your own operations in another. For Irgens Partners, the Milwaukee-based real estate development and services firm, a close eye on residential real estate can translate to trends in the commercial sector. More residents moving to this southeastern region of Wisconsin? That could translate to additional needs in downtown urban sectors, such as new office buildings or hospitals. The only way to be sure is to keep tabs on developments across the region and watch as industry improvements take hold.


Overall, the Irgens Milwaukee operation carries out value-added services that make commercial and healthcare real estate improvements possible. These goals are accomplished through development and ownership, project management, advertising and consulting, property management, acquisitions and more. On the commercial front, Irgens Partners oversees build-to-suit office-planning projects for clients, research and development for industrial companies, mixed-use planning for commercial clients.


When it comes to medical clients, Irgens Milwaukee can assist with the development of on-campus medical research buildings, develop senior living communities that are in line with the region they’ll serve, site selection of remote medical offices and so much more. Best of all, these are overviews of concepts that are backed up by case studies regarding completed projects. For example, the Calhoun Health Center was once a foreclosed restaurant that Irgens Partners saw as a possible office building. With Froedtert Hospital recruited as an anchor tenant, the rest of the 8,000 square feet would eventually be filled by similar clients.


With Irgens Milwaukee, those who closely follow economic developments in Wisconsin’s major cities could gain industry knowledge.  Led by commercial real estate experts who offer hands-on assistance with real estate needs, partnering up with Irgens Partners could lead to future success for landscape-changing ventures. Be sure to check back often for updates on the company’s current flagship venture, the $132 million- BMO Tower in Milwaukee that will eventually lease 187,000 square feet to future tenants.